A Durga in Every Girl
Preethi (name changed), a 22 year old girl, walked into our office one morning asking for a job to conduct workshops on safety and confidence for young girls. We had facilitated a workshop for Preethi a few months ago. Preethi comes from a poor family and had to discontinue her studies after Class 12, so that she could look after her younger sister while her parents went to work. Preethi works in a garment factory and is harassed, abused and short-changed at every opportunity.

There are a million Preethis in our midst today. Girls who have some basic education but not enough to negotiate well for themselves, resulting in being abused or violated. Confidence, awareness, preparedness and ability to claim one's’ space is what we nurture at Durga. Preethi feels since she couldn’t practice this for herself till she attended our workshop, she would want to help other girls like her acquire the skill early on. Do you want to participate in creating 1000s of Preethis through our yellow belt sessions?

Problem being solved:
The Durga yellow belt addresses the elements of gender equity, confidence and the ability to ask for rights as a woman. Team Durga have identified 5 Government schools across Bangalore where we will create ‘Durgas’ - who will have the ability to Dare and Demand! We will create 12500 Durgas in three years. We seek your support in funding us as a team to do this.

Path of Our work:
We will be working with government schools. The following is the path of our work for volunteers:

1. Facilitate Yellow Belt Workshop:
The DURGA program is a 2 hour workshop for young girls in India, basically highlighting awareness and preparedness techniques that can be used in everyday instances to deter crime. The workshop comprises of simple life-skills that every girl can master easily to be better prepared to take care of herself.
The DURGA workshop is conducted by qualified DURGA trainers with the aid of very interesting theatre games and techniques. The program is very interactive and the trainer plays a mere facilitator, while the participants are the active communicators. The very popular forum style theatre is used to explain tolerance to harassment and also gauging one's threshold to this harassment. The power of DURGA that differentiates it from a regular program is the theatre style delivery, leading to solutions for complicated issues from the participants. The power of the dynamic group and their open interactions and experience sharing is what makes the program measurable and satisfying for the group. Role-plays and games add a very engaging and participative element to the serious topic.
At our DURGA workshops, we work on the following principles with the students we engage with:

2. Create Durga’s VOICE - Green Belt
As part of our engagement with the students, we will create VOICE labs with the Durga champions. Durga will facilitate a orientation session which will help students to kick start VOICE. The Voice set up will cost include 12 visits to the school and constant engagement with the team of Voice.

3. Identifying Durga’s Brown Belt
This belt is entitled to Active participation from Durga Champions in Voice for a year.

Direct Impact:
We work with high school girls of the age group between 14-16 years. Since we are dealing with a sensitive issue of sexual harassment, we use the theatre of oppressed style to deliver our sessions which helps in an effective dissection of problem. In our workshops, we cover the following aspects:
1. Deterrence of sexual harassment
2. Awareness
3. Preparedness
4. Confidence
This project will be focussed on the underprivileged communities and schools

Just give us your time
Get in touch on volunteer@durgaindia.org