When Vision embraces Opportunities thriving on Ideas, backed by all the minds in the Community working towards Empowerment of women, a new VOICE is born, high pitched, all set to make noise and resonate with people regarding safety of women.
Voice is a community of enthusiastic and driven boys, girls, men and women with immense participation, moulding themselves to become DURGA CHAMPIONS and AMBASSADORS, whose efforts consciously revolve around the theme of women safety in all their activities.
Bustling with ideas and energy, these DURGA CHAMPIONS and AMBASSADORS work relentlessly towards creating awareness and equipping women with self help techniques, thereby instilling a sense of security in women and creating more DURGAs.
The entire community comes with the resolve to work together, to chalk out plans for all the events that elevate the morale of women, conduct helpful interactive activities, work on projects and design products pertaining to women safety which will be thoroughly supported and promoted by DURGA.

How To Raise VOICE in your Institution
DURGA is a women who is empowered and self reliant when it comes to safety and becomes an asset as she is also an active helpful bystander.

To Raise your VOICE to uplift women’s safety ,