Here’s a question for self-reflection. Does ‘not being bad’ equal ‘being good’?
Let’s imagine a scenario where a person sees a stone lying on a railway track. He knows that a train that passes can derail because of the rock, but he shrugs it off his mind. He has the potential to save hundreds of lives, but why does he choose convenience over responsibility? Because he does not realize that he is as responsible for the damage of those lives as is the person who planted the stone there himself.
This analogy brings into perspective, the significance and immense responsibility that a bystander on a crime scene holds.
In many instances of crime against women or general crime in public spaces, we notice that despite people being around, they slip into the shadows and do little to help or support. These people can play a life transforming role for the victim in many instances.
But why does a bystander just stand by and watch?

The reasons can be varied:

At Durga, we strive to instill the right spirit for bystander engagement and translate this spirit into favorable action. Durga develops in you, the enormous courage and skills required to turn a passive onlooker into an active bystander who can transform threatening situations and change lives.

Translating spirit to action
These seeds of change do not grow overnight. It requires a human revolution within each of us, as well as support from the law to develop active citizens and bystander engagement.
The #RealHero campaign is our Launchpad that serves as a forum for citizens to gather together to absorb the Durga spirit required for active bystander engagement and to sincerely commit themselves to the task.
On a parallel front, Durga is developing modules specifically for bystander engagement, to elucidate on how and what one can do at a dangerous circumstance.
When we get adequate signatures (25000) we will write an open letter to the Government with the support of quasi government organisations, other citizen sector organisations and media, requesting for a way to celebrate #RealHero when they emerge, thus motivating heroes to emerge from across the country.
Collectively, once we demonstrate the things that active bystanders can do and have been doing, thus establishing good intent, we will start off our lobby for some laws regarding bystander engagement that is facilitative.
Link: http://m.facebook.com/questions.php?question_id=1038025162997899