Cease the day, but only till 7pm!
Enjoy the party, but never lose sight of your drink!
Live free, but stay careful!
Go crazy, but stay within your boundaries!
Travel the world, but leave out the shady places!

We have all bumped into these ‘but’s’ all too often.
Ever wondered what it must be like to get rid of these binding insecurities altogether? That would feel like taking off tight shoes, wouldn’t it?
Imagine being able to stare back at nasty onlookers, catch the night breeze in your hair, spread open your arms and cruise through your life at your own terms. Isn’t the very thought so empowering and freeing?
It’s time to embrace YOU! It’s time to be a Durga!
Each one of us has a Durga locked up inside of us. Let’s break her free. Here is an online module that helps you in doing just that. Take one hour of your time and leave your life in the right hands – in your hands!

How often we have wondered that if only we knew something, anything to help us address issues of sexual harassment. How good it will be for us to be able to stare back at those piercing eyes that devour us?! How empowering it will be to conquer almost every single space in our city, without having to worry about the time of day? I too want to go out to parties or with friends whenever I want! I want to play all the games without my mother worrying about me!

I want to be myself! I want to be in control over my safety! I want to be a Durga!

To all of us who want to be a Durga, here is an online module of just over 1 hour giving us all the gyan we would need to have to Take Control. This is so simple just like ABCD!

Take-Aways from a Durga Workshop
A Durga Workshop equips you to unleash your inherent strength to counter untoward encounters and replace “Can I? ” to “I can fend for myself!”

Take a plunge to understand the nuances of self defense and stand up for yourself. See your self-confidence soar high and learn how to spread your wings and extend your ability to help not just you, but even others in crisis! Cruise through helplessness, grappling fear to emerge out fiercely like a Durga!
Do your bit by taking safety in your own hands and learn in your own terms. Here’s some of the Take-aways from the Durga workshop!

  • Understanding of Harassment and Sexual Harassment
  • This workshop walks you through subtleties of harassment and sheds light on sexual harassment and non-sexual harassment. This understanding will thus let you identify if you are put in an uncomfortable situation or a spot at any point of life.
  • Awareness, Judgement and Response – techniques and nuances
  • A Durga workshop advocates safety, spreads awareness and help you make sound judgements and respond appropriately using various techniques at the time of need.
  • Confidence – How to show it
  • This workshop tells you to Confide in your strength and also teaches you how to flaunt your confidence and keep adversities at bay.
  • Claim Back your Space – through instances
  • Durga Workshop tells you how to keep calm and claim back your space through real instances.
  • Bystander Intervention
  • The role of a bystander has been the game changer in many situations which in turn means many lives. This workshop helps you understand how you can raise an alarm and involve a bystander to help you. It also arms you with the necessary knowledge and skills to be an active bystander and help someone else in grave danger.
  • Listening to early signals of Harassment
  • More often than not, Ignorance is not bliss, especially during times like today. A Durga Workshop prepares you to spot the signs of harassment quite early and equips you to nip danger in the nascent stage.
  • Equity in relationships
  • Durga Workshop gives you an insight to what a balanced relationship looks like which will further help you assess your position and lead a life free of bigotry and ask for help.
  • Community is Critical
  • At Durga, we understand the role of a community plays in one's life, so this workshop delves into how you as an individual can contribute to the well being a community and make a difference. You are also introduced to the Durga Community and how we stand together!
  • Quick Physical Self Defence
  • The show stealer of the workshop is a quick walkthrough of self defense techniques that will come in handy to combat physical threats.

Get your hands on various links that will lead you to our

  • Videos
  • Reading material
  • Starter Kit
  • A medley of real life situations for which answers can be written and submitted
  • Accessibility to experts of Team Durga via Whatsapp and email Id
  • Interaction with the online Durga community like FB, Instagram and Twitter

A Horde of materials to materialize your strength!
Starter Kit

POCSO guidelines
Legal provisions
Safe drinking Safe Cabs
Durga Habits
Other videos

ABCD - Anybody can be a Durga Module
What is this?

A 1 hour Durga module to help you mould your inner Durga through videos and enable you to tackle situations with tact.

Next Steps
Once you are a Durga, you have 3 qualities essentially:

  1. You can be in control over your safety
  2. You can be an active bystander
  3. You can simply replicate yourself in your communities

This Point 3 above is what we call Durga Chapters. They are small units/branches of Durga where the thinking of ‘I can be in Control over my safety’ is practiced actively and nurtured consistently.

How do you start a Durga Chapter?
Every story needs to be taken one chapter at a time. Here’s a timeline chalked out for you to awaken to your inner Durga. Get started anywhere, anytime.
These are the steps:

  • Attend the workshop - either online or offline
  • Get talking with the Team
  • Order the Kit @500 to avail hard copies
  • Watch more videos
  • Become a facilitator with Team support. You can attend the Facilitator workshop too for this
  • Conduct your own workshop
  • Send us pictures and keep us in the loop

We’ve got your back! With social media support, certificates, medals and accolades, we encourage every Durga to constantly forge ahead and conquer new milestones.

ONLINE MODULE ABCD (Any Body can be a Durga)