CAPS - Citizens Audit Public-access Spaces

What is CAPS
A Platform that enables active bystanders (RealHeroes) to audit public spaces within a framework to ascertain Women-Friendliness of a specific public space. This will then be uploaded into the CAPS portal for public consumption

As women, we are often unable to use or access certain public spaces as much as men or in order to access the same public space, we need to pay a prize. For example: a woman will not confidently walk into a police station or she will not use a public park late evening by herself. If she wants to stay fit, she may choose a gym rather than running in a park or on the street at odd hours.

While this is true, it should not be so. At Durga we would like to make more public spaces accessible for women. If its a attitude shift like going to a police station, we would like to work on addressing that and if it a safety issue, we would like to bring solutions there too.

Who can conduct Audits - CAPS volunteers
Any citizen who feels responsible to understand and identify if a space is accessible for women in general or in their households can be a CAPS volunteer. To be a CAPS volunteer, it is good for the citizen to:
1. understand the framework of the process
2. be trained by team Durga and have a certificate to say this
3. understand the specific spaces where this can be done
4. Access to Internet and a phone/laptop

The Framework will be given by Durga. The training and certification too will be done by Durga.

How do you conduct Audits
1. The framework will specify the top 5 to 10 aspects to look for to decide ‘Women Friendliness’ of a particular place - collated by surveys, team Durga and safety experts
2. This will be evaluated keeping Durga Principles in mind
3. A report is prepared
4. Report is uploaded on the CAPS portal with CAPS volunteer details (which will be disclosed only to Durga Team)

Where will CAPS work
Bus Stops
Police Stations
Popular Streets/Spaces

What will CAPS Portal have
List of Safe Spaces audited and referenced
List of Volunteers certified
Framework for conducting audits and evaluations independently
Ads inserted on safety tools, public spaces
Solutions or suggestions on how to make a space safe

How does CAPS help
When women know that a particular space is safe or accessible for her, it increases her motivation and confidence to occupy and use it. CAPS will be a platform that women will automatically go to to know a space better
Citizens can check the CAPS portal to assure themselves on the Women Safety ‘Women Friendly’ aspect of the space
Google Maps and other tech platforms can use this to provide additional information on locations
A one-stop portal for various public spaces that otherwise do not get captured for safety aspects
Useful information
Platform that nurtures safety as a key element and also indirectly motivates spaces that are not safe to follow some guidelines
The Framework can be standardised over a period of time

Links to Audit:
Police station audits: https://goo.gl/forms/qOBF9XNWdVtJs4js1
Parks: https://goo.gl/forms/JUoedf2ql2Fd90x82

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