This is what a Feminist looks like

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi once said, “No two leaves are alike, and yet there is no antagonism between them or between the branches on which they grow.” yet Article 19 remains an important page in our Constitution far from being practiced in free India. Why do we need feminism? Because one in four women are subject […]

C A T W A L K // Walk of Shame

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On the catwalk   They tell you to walk with your head held high, chin up, eyes forward, strut like you own the place.   On the sidewalk   They tell you to keep your head down; don’t look left don’t look right, walk briskly. If they don’t realize you exist: you’re safe.   On […]

What Is A Woman? The Alien Perspective

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There is a not-so-far-away planet where the ideas of “man” and “woman” as we know it do not exist. Everyone is just an Alien – there’s no pink and blue, no particular qualities, stereotypes or judgments associated with either sex. On this planet, Aliens have biological differences but not social ones. Any clothes, any characteristics, […]

Being you is what matters!

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As she looked at her childhood picture, it reminded her fantasies of fairytale where she believed her beauty lies in the gown she wore. her power lies in the tiara she possessed, her prince charming is the man to rescue and all this sum up her as a princess. Little did she know then,”Being you […]


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I laugh when I want to I smile when I like to I feel I’m in control…I’m a Durga, are you? I love whom I want to I say ‘yes’ when I mean to I feel I’m in control…I’m a Durga, are you? I understand, I always like to I’ll be that friend you can […]

O Woman what are you?

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O Woman what are you?! You are battered but you rise high You are denied but still willingly you give They hurl accusations at you for you to consume And if you still don’t subside it’s acid fume You take, you tolerate, you still laugh despite terrible fate You fight for yourself with gut and […]

‘Cos that’s who we are!

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The bus roared in the capital all through that night while the demons inside tortured and tormented beyond human might yet all the screams and wails that echoed under that dark sky were not audible to a single passer-by What followed was the national outrage the protests, marches and dharnas that they did stage a […]

It’s My Life

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Little Rohini, all of 10, dreaded waking up again. She knew that if she wakes up she needs to go to school and then she needs to attend the physical education class and then she needs to meet Kumar Sir and then…What shall the excuse be today? She has a test in grammar as well. […]