You are Durga, You are Shakti! 

Posted on June 2, 2018

Arise ladies
It’s time we stepped ahead
How much longer do you
Want to scream silently
Into your pillows at night
When you can
Shout it to guy
Who grabs you on the bus?
How many more nights
Are you going to spend
Wringing your hands
And feeling like a dishcloth
When your butt was felt up?
How many more days
Will you spend trying
To duck that slimy hand
Which feels your waist
At the office?
How many more days
Are you going to dread
When the guy on the street
Whistles and gestures lewdly
At you and then at your daughter too?
Arise ladies
Don’t let him take away
A piece of you everyday
With each catcall, gesture and paw
Don’t let him make you feel
Ashamed for being who you are
You are strong, beautiful and
Most of all, you are strength
Strength to yourself and your lot
You are the force that can
Drown each of these of these guys
With your emphatic
Say it now, say it again
Louder and louder
Till you put him down
And make him realise
You are not the Baby, Honey and Sweetie
You are Durga, You are Shakti!

By Meenakshi Giridhar

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