What and Why my Vagina is Resisting

Posted on June 2, 2018
My Vagina is the true reflection,
The twin of my very mind
Together they reveal and they revel
In them is the real me you will always find
Request, Seek, Ask and the friends oblige
Consent – thats the word of utmost prime
For love is the only language they obey
For them Force is an absolute Crime!
my mind and my vagina are in constant conversation
Confiding in each other each day, every single emotion
You affect one and the other moves away
You nurture one and the other opens to stay!
Coercion, deprivation, abuse and rape
They both suffered from the very first day
When you steal from one the thinking and education
You dissolve in the other the desire for sexual culmination
Chauvinists and Pigs my mind begins to resist
Plunderers and Perverts my Vagina loathes too I insist
You force yourself on my mind, you are a Fascist
Between Erection and penetration only does your world exist?
Enough is Enough, the fire in me I unleash
To yield or resist, true power lies only with me!
I’m in control always, for sure you will see
For the Durga in me I have dared to set free!
                                                                                                                                                         By Priya Varadarajan

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