Piercing Patriarchy – Creating change one person at a time!

Posted on June 2, 2018

Patriarchy has been seen as that cause for most issues that women have been facing over the years. Working on any issue around women is incomplete without working on the cause – Patriarchy Most organizations approach patriarchy with training for men and also by creating campaigns on awareness building towards women’s issues.


Patriarchy against women includes issues around:

  1. Preference of boys over girls at Indian homes
  2. Female feticide and infanticide – age-old evils
  3. Restrictions imposed on girls from the beginning
  4. Immobility of girls when they mature
  5. Differential treatment of boys and girls in the same home
  6. Early marriage of girls
  7. Dowry system
  8. Sexual harassment
  9. Lack of education among girls – esp post high school
  10. Early childbearing
  11. Malnutrition
  12. Domestic violence by husband and in-laws
  13. Labour laws in favour of men
  14. Glass ceiling in corporate
  15. Under 10% representation of women in senior jobs and in Government

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